Advisory Committees

The research team works independently under the general oversight of a Contract Manager at AHCA. To provide additional institutional and research expertise, the project is also informed by the contributions of two advisory committees.

Florida Advisory Committee

The Florida Advisory Committee (FAC) was named during the first year of the evaluation with appointments being made by AHCA. FAC members represent key stakeholders with strong interests in Medicaid Reform, such as representatives from the state’s hospital and managed care industries, the medical association, other health professional groups, advocacy organizations, legislative leadership, or other entities. The FAC meets at least annually over the five years of the evaluation project. The meetings provide an opportunity for advisory committee members to obtain current information on Medicaid Reform and the evaluation, and to provide their input regarding the latter.

Florida Advisory Committee


Andrew R. Behrman, M.B.A. Florida Association of Community Health Centers
Robert G. Brooks, M.D. Florida State University
Steve Burgess, J.D. Office of Insurance Regulation
Ralph Glatfelter Florida Hospital Association
E. Coy Irvin, M.D. Florida Medical Association
Randy Kammer, J.D. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida
Steven Marcus, Ed.D. Health Foundation of South Florida
Lisa Margulis, M.S.W. Florida Community Health Action Information Network
Bonnie Sorensen, M.D., M.B.A. Florida Department of Health
Bob Wychulis, M.H.A. Florida Association of Health Plans, Inc.


Andrew R. Behrman M.B.A. ~ Mr. Behrman is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Florida Association of Community Health Centers in Tallahassee since 2002. Prior to this, Mr. Behrman served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Lake Okeechobee Rural Health Network for 8 years. He was the Center Director for the Everglades AHEC Center and assisted in the development of the Florida AHEC Network. He began his career in health services at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach in 1976. Mr. Behrman serves on numerous state and national level legislative and governmental committees and has authored articles and publications in areas of health care, strategic development, organizational dynamics, and leadership, and has presented at state and national conferences. He holds a B.S. in Health Services Administration and an M.B.A. from the University of Florida. Mr. Behrman was an aviator in the United States Navy and also served in Vietnam.

Robert G. Brooks, M.D. ~ Dr. Brooks is the Associate Dean for Health Affairs and Professor of Family Medicine and Rural Health at the Florida State University College of Medicine. He received his B.A. and M.D. degrees from Wayne State University in Detroit, and is Board-certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. He practiced medicine from 1984 through 1999 in Orlando, Florida, during which time he served as Assistant Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program and Chief of Infectious Diseases at the Orlando Regional Medical Center. In November of 1994, Dr. Brooks was elected to the Florida House of Representatives where he served until appointed Secretary of the Florida Department of Health by then newly-elected Governor Jeb Bush in late 1998. In September of 2001, Dr. Brooks joined the academic team at Florida State University involved with establishing the first new allopathic medical school in the U.S. in over 20 years. Since joining the medical school he has established four separate Centers of Excellence, including Centers on Terrorism and Public Health, Patient Safety, Rural Health, and Medicine and Public Health.

Steve Burgess, J.D. ~ Mr. Burgess received his B.S. in Accounting from Florida State University and a J.D. (Law) degree from Florida State University. He has been employed by the Office of Public Counsel (OPC), created by the Legislature to represent consumers in public utility disputes. He has also served as Deputy Public Counsel. In his role with OPC, Mr. Burgess represented consumer interests in cases before the Public Service Commission, Dept. of Administrative Hearings, the First District Court, the Florida Supreme Court, the U.S. Treasury Dept., and the IRS. In 1990, Treasurer Tom Gallagher hired Mr. Burgess to be the first Insurance Consumer Advocate, a position created by Gallagher. The position was later codified in Section 627.0613, Florida Statutes, which gives the Consumer Advocate the authority to initiate or participate in any issue or filing that comes before the Office of Insurance Regulation or the Department of Financial Services. In 1997, Mr. Burgess left the Office of Insurance Consumer Advocate and resumed his position as Deputy Public Counsel, but in August 2004 he was hired a second time by CFO Gallagher to be Consumer Advocate and continues to serve in this position at this time.

Ralph Glatfelter ~ Mr. Glatfelter is the Senior Vice President of the Florida Hospital Association and senior lobbyist representing Florida’s hospitals in regulatory issues such as Certificate of Need and reimbursement issues including HMO payments, workers compensation, and other non-government payers. Mr. Glatfelter has served as Director of Planning and Development for University Hospital in Pensacola and then served as the Director of Information for the state’s Health Care Cost Containment Board. In 1983, he joined the Florida League of Health Systems, where he was appointed President and CEO in 1986, where he worked for 18 years. After earning his degree from the University of Florida, Mr. Glatfelter was appointed by the attorney general to serve as the Executive Director of the Florida Drug Abuse Prevention and Education Trust, a non-profit organization devoted to training counselors and community leaders in drug abuse prevention.

E. Coy Irvin, M.D. ~ Dr. Irvin maintains his family practice in Gulf Breeze, Florida, and is a member of the Florida Academy of Family Physicians and AAFP. He also serves on the FMA Board of Governors, AMA delegate. Dr. Irvin is a Legislative Chair for the Florida Medical Association and a Regional Board member for the School of Medicine, Florida State University. In addition, Dr. Irvin is the Medical Director of the Lifecare Center.

Randy Kammer, J.D. ~ Ms. Kammer is the Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Inc., which she has been with for nearly 20 years. Ms. Kammer is President of BCBSF’s The Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida. She has chaired the Department of Insurance Small Group Standard Benefit Design Committee several times. She is Secretary of JaxCare and the Florida Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association, and is also on the steering committee of the Center for Practical Health Reform and Three Rivers Legal Services. She has a B.A. from Northwestern University and a J.D. from the University of Florida College of Law.

Steven Marcus, Ed. D. ~ Dr. Marcus is the President and CEO of Health Foundation of South Florida. He serves as co-chair of the South Florida Health Information Initiative. He is also a Board member of the Alliance for Human Services and President of the Donor’s Forum of South Florida. Dr. Marcus received his doctorate in Higher Education Administration from the University of Georgia and his masters in the same field. He holds a Bachelors degree in Behavioral Science from the University of Missouri.

Lisa Margulis, M.S.W. ~ Ms. Margulis is the Executive Director of Florida CHAIN (Community Health Action Information Network). She is a graduate of Tulane University and received her Masters in Social Work from Boston University. She has extensive experience in advocacy, as well as domestic and international poverty. She has served as Director of Programs and Communication for The Cooperative Feeding Program in Ft. Lauderdale and as an officer on the Board of Love Thy Neighbor, a provider of emergency services for the homeless.

Bonnie Sorensen, M.D., M.B.A. ~ Dr. Sorensen serves as the Deputy State Health Officer. Dr. Sorenson previously served as Director of the Volusia County Health Department. She began her health service career as a primary care physician and has served as President of the Florida Public Health Association as well as the Florida Society for Preventive Medicine.

Robert A. Wychulis, M.H.A. ~ Mr. Wychulis is the President and CEO of the Florida Association of Health Plans, which represents 21 plans in the state with over 8 million enrollees. Through December 2002, he was President and CEO of Healthplan Southeast, a 70,000 member HMO that served 27 North Florida counties. Mr. Wychulis has over 20 years of experience in the managed care industry including assisting in the development of a number of HMOs in the southeast region in the early to mid 1980s. He is a graduate of the City College of New York with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. He received his Master’s degree in Health Administration and Planning from New York University.

Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was selected and appointed by the research team at UF. This committee includes nationally prominent, well-regarded health services researchers known for their expertise in Medicaid and/or the specific research methodologies employed in the evaluation studies. The purpose of this committee is to provide the evaluation team with expert advice on technical issues in data analysis and the presentation of findings, serving as both a resource and a quality check. Specifically, the TAC reviews and provides input on the detailed analysis plan for each project. The research team maintains ongoing electronic contact with the TAC members, seeking specific advice, comments, or suggestions as necessary. The TAC meets at least annually over the five years of the project.


Bryan Dowd, Ph.D. University of Minnesota
Marsha Gold, Sc.D. Mathametica
Robert E. Hurley, Ph.D. Medical College of Virginia
Genevieve Kenney, Ph.D. Urban Institute Health Policy Center


Bryan Dowd, Ph.D. ~ Dr. Dowd is Mayo Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Division of Health Policy and Management, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota. He has been at the University of Minnesota since 1980 and served as interim division head from 1998 to 1999. He has published over 100 articles, books, and book chapters on his primary research interests, which include employment-based health insurance, Medicare policy, and evaluation of non-experimental data. He is the recipient of three Article of the Year awards. His current projects include work on state Medicaid demonstrations, Part D drug coverage, and Medicare Reform. He received his Ph.D. in Public Policy Analysis from the University of Pennsylvania, a Masters of Science from Georgia State University and a Bachelor of Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He teaches health services research methods and health policy analysis in the doctoral program in the Division.

Marsha Gold, Sc.D. ~ Dr. Gold is a senior fellow at Mathematica Policy Research in Washington D.C. Dr. Gold is recognized nationally for her research and policy analysis on healthcare delivery and financing, especially in managed care and in public programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Her work is funded by foundations and government agencies including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Kaiser Family Foundation, Commonwealth Fund, Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. She has published extensively in respected journals and is on the editorial board of national journals including Health Affairs and Health Services Research and, until December 2003, served on the Board of Directors of Academy Health. She received her doctorate from the Harvard School of Public Health in 1979, has Masters degrees from M.I.T. and UC Berkeley, and graduated with distinction from Cornell University in 1969.

Robert E. Hurley, Ph.D.
~ Dr. Hurley has been a faculty member in the Department of Health Administration at the Virginia Commonwealth University since 1990 where he teaches courses in managed care, health benefits coverage, and financing and organization theory. He has been conducting research in managed care and other health services issues for the past 20 years. His particular focus has been on public sector initiatives and Reform strategies. His research has been supported by several federal and state government agencies and by a number of private foundations. Dr. Hurley has consulted with numerous federal agencies, state governments, and private research firms. He has been a senior research consultant to the Center for Studying Health System Change in Washington for the past 8 years and also chairs the national review committee for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Medicaid Managed Care program. He currently serves on the editorial boards of Health Affairs, Medical Care Research & Review, and Milbank Quarterly. He received his Masters degree in Health Administration from the Ohio State University and his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill School of Public Health.

Genevieve Kenney, Ph.D. ~ Dr. Kenney is a Principal Research Associate and health economist at The Urban Institute, with over 20 years of experience conducting research. She is a nationally renowned expert on The State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), Medicaid, and the broader health insurance coverage and access issues facing low-income children and families. She was a lead researcher on two major evaluations of SCHIP: a congressionally-mandated evaluation for the United States Department of Health and Human Services and an evaluation supported by a number of private foundations. She has published over 50 articles and briefs on insurance coverage and access for low-income children, pregnant women, and parents. In her research, she has examined a range of issues related to SCHIP, including the impacts of SCHIP on insurance coverage, crowd out, and access to care; the structure of SCHIP financing; participation rates and barriers to enrollment; access and use differentials; the effects of premium increases on enrollment; and how parents’ coverage status affects children. She has also conducted research on a number of Medicaid and Medicare topics, including the impacts of Medicaid eligibility expansions for pregnant women and children, the adoption of managed care in Medicaid, the use of home health services among the dual eligible population, and the impacts of Medicare’s prospective payment system on post-acute services.

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