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A program change of this magnitude must be independently evaluated. Such assessment will assist in achieving an understanding of the Reform, including the challenges of program design and implementation, costs, quality, and the impact on program enrollees. Further, the evaluation is intended to provide information to assist the Florida Legislature as it considers possible expansion of Medicaid Reform.

To accomplish these goals, the MRE Team at UF will gather data and complete a series of analyses. The MRE Team will examine the evolution of Medicaid Reform, beginning with the earliest expressions of interest through the initial legislation, the Waiver application, the subsequent legislation, program design, and implementation.

The MRE Team will pursue its analysis through inquiry in four major project areas: (1) organizational analyses; (2) quality of care, outcomes, and enrollee experience analyses; (3) fiscal analyses; and (4) analysis of the Low-Income-Pool. The following project area descriptions include the research questions that will be answered as well as data collection activities.


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